Ronald Zuckermann, Ph.D.
Overviews of my research on peptoids

Protein Mimicry with Bioinspired Peptoid Polymers

from the Proceedings of the 22nd American Peptide Symposium (2011)

A short and general overview about why peptoids are an ideal system to create protein-mimetic materials.

Beauty and the Building Blocks



from a guest blog on ScriptPhD.com (June, 2010).

Written for a general audience. Describes the concept of mimicking biological structures at the molecular scale.



Learn about peptoid nanosheets at nanosheets.org!
October 2015: New website launched on the chemical structure and molecular architecture of the peptoid nanosheet. There you will find a variety of microscope images, movies, computer simulations, interactive models and more! Check it out at http://www.nanosheets.org



History of peptoids

Peptoid Origins




from the Special Issue of Biopolymers Peptide Science devoted to the 7th Peptoid Summit (2011).

An overview of the discovery of peptoid oligomers in the context of the early 1990's boom in the biotechnology industry.

The cover of this journal features the official 7th Peptoid Summit frisbee!

Parallel Personal Comments on “Classical” Papers in Combinatorial Chemistry



from the inaugural issue of the Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry (1999).

A historical look at the combinatorial drug discovery program started at Protos Corp. and developed at Chiron Corp. See pages 17-18.

New Drugs by the Process of Elimination

October 6, 1992

An article on the front page of the New York Times about combinatorial drug discovery, featuring a picture of our peptoid synthesis robot.


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Overviews on Peptoid Synthesis
Meth Enz

Peptoid Materials

Protein Mimicry
Helical Bundles

Other Applications

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